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Some things are more important than a commission check.

06/20/24  |  Andrea Shink

Buyers will soon be on the hook for buyer agent fees.

Some things are more important than a commission check.
Kayla Shink and I represent buyers who fell in love with a home that had been flipped. We were told it was cosmetic, but when we peeled back the layers of the onion, we learned that the sellers did many items without obtaining permits, including roof, HVAC, plumbing, electrical windows, etc., all of which require permits. While the house looked beautiful, we uncovered several issues, and potential problems down the road for our buyers.
Why is all this important?
Worst case scenario there are heavy rains again, the roof and windows leak, warping the wood floors and cause mold problems throughout the house. Or a fire. Or the pipes burst. Homeowner insurance will deny a claim the moment they learn the work was done without permits, and likely cancel the policy leaving the unsuspecting homeowner holding the bag for the repairs completely, and perhaps an uninsurable home down the road.
We went several rounds with the seller and listing agent, asking them to have the work permitted, but their only concern was closing the deal - fast. While they offered a one-year warranty, how much is that worth when the seller closes the LLC the day after the closing?
Why am I posting this now?
Because regulations have changed significantly, and buyers will soon be paying buyer agent fees (read more about that in a previous blog-post here). If we had not been representing these clients, these unsuspecting buyers would have gone through with the purchase, paying a premium for a property that has several big-ticket problems along with it. Thankfully, our buyers took our professional advice and we canceled that escrow.
Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Paying for excellent, experienced representation when buying or selling a property is worth its weight in gold.

If this is the kind of honest and professional representation you expect from a real estate professional, let's discuss your particulars in a private consultation. 

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